I'm Laura from England, London to be more specific. I mainly post about books, comics, TV Shows and films. So, welcome.
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Mais j'ai une infinie tendresse pour vous


another palette thing from requests on twitter; feat miss a #6 and kid loki #2!

#2 is the hardest one so far.. o<-<


comic book meme / [2/5] female character: kate bishop

"well, i don’t hang out with him. he hangs out with me”

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look what Deadpool found after he got back home 

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Benedict Cumberbatch from his #ALSicebucketchallenge for #MND

Information about ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) here & MND (Motor Neurone Disease) here

And where you can donate: here,  here, and here

Avengers Children’s Crusade - Issue 001

basically Wiccan being bad ass as hell oh my god

First appearanceYoung Avengers #1 (April 2005)

unworthy thor

Hayley Williams played a major factor in me realising I also liked girls, sorry I’m swooning a lot from watching Reading


I volunteered, why can’t I just leave? I changed my mind.

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